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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson upcoming ventures

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson upcoming ventures

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sat down with "Great Morning America" to talk about Disney's forthcoming epic animated adventure film "Moana." 

 Johnson voices the character Maui, the considerable sea demigod who helps dauntless Moana as she leaves on a voyage to find what is past the limits of her island and spare it from a horrible revile. What Johnson said he discovered especially applicable and enabling was having a young lady drive the story. He disclosed to ABC News that he cherishes this new form of a female legend. 

 "There is no adoration intrigue. What's more, there's no lady in trouble character in here," Johnson said. "She speaks to such a variety of 15, 16-year-old young ladies out there." 

 The courageous woman, Johnson stated, helps him to remember his own 15-year-old little girl, "Driven and has a true string perspective. Needs to handle the world – cherishing taking advantage of her own personality. Placing me in my place," the on-screen character conceded chuckling. 

 In spite of "The Rock's" uncanny similarity to his animated on-screen character, with swelling muscles and tribal tattoos, his intense outside couldn't shield him from getting passionate. "I have never cried reliably … through a film more than I have with this motion picture," Johnson said. "Just to be clear, they're all masculine tears however." 

 What's more, that search for his character, down to his shape and hair, was really in light of Johnson's granddad. "He resembled that," Johnson said. "He was a Samoan high boss who had high boss tattoos everywhere on his body," and he was a wrestler quite recently like "The Rock," too. 

 The on-screen star said this film tested him to extend a character depending exclusively on his voice. "It was practicing an alternate muscle and it was an incredible test, he said. Johnson clarified there were various cameras shooting him while he would state his lines, "And how you say them, how your outward appearances are conveying the lines. All that is injected into the animation." 

 Johnson, who originates from Polynesian drop, said this was "a chance to grandstand Polynesian culture to the world on the wide screen in a way that it had never been exhibited." 

 A ton of Johnson's genuine encounters and parts of his own story were reflected in this motion picture. "I played football, didn't make it. Fizzled at that. There were a lot of disappointments that Maui has needed to experience too," Johnson said. 

 Glad for the film, his character and what it speaks to, he disclosed to ABC his most loved line from the film is when Maui tries to reveal to Moana she is a princess. "Also, she's exceptionally determined, 'I'm not a princess. I'm the girl of a the boss, yet I'm not a princess,'" he said giggling. "What's more, I say something like, 'Well, tune in, on the off chance that you got a dress and you got a sidekick then you're a princess.' It's extremely entertaining. It's the best line in the film."

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