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Latest Trends in the World of Cricket

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Latest Trends in the World of Cricket

Deadline Missed

Hot off the Mumbai press is the news that India missed the deadline for submitting its squad for the Champions Trophy in England and Wales in June on Tuesday. Getting a better money deal out of the International Cricket Council is the holdup. The ICC says it will “make a decision” at its next meeting in Dubai. Everything remains, as they say, up in the air!


Pippa Loves Cricket

Pippa Middleton, says Vanity Fair Magazine, has figured out what the hottest outfit is to wear to a cricket match. She can be seen having tea with a wicket in her hand and attired in a white, blue-trimmed sweater. She's also wearing a white pleated skirt, overlaid with chiffon, along with a white and blue striped cricket cap. The girl is decked-out. You go, Pippa! She does seem a bit "beyond the boundary" though.


One Hot Ginger

Everyone's talking about Australia's Lloyd Pope, who is unique in the way he looks and in his personality. He's getting the girls' attention with his long, flowing ginger locks. The question being asked, "Is he hot or is he not?" But more importantly, the 17-year-old has been a stand-out over the past year and does not seem to be slowing down.


Beautiful Female Cricketer

Pope may be fun for the gals to watch, but among the field of female cricket players, there are several who fabulous-looking. On top of every guy's list is Meghaan Moira Lanning. This player has it all in one beautiful package. She is the opening batman on her Australian team which makes her even hotter.


Cricket Feuds

It is a terrible thing when team members do not really like one another, but it is a dreadful thing when two cricketers hate each other. Two who abhor one another are Shane Warne and Steve Waugh, both Aussies. These two cannot stop dissing each other and often make things uncomfortable for their fellow players. According to the Telegraph, these two could not stand one another. Waugh called Warne "the most selfish cricketer I played with." Apparently, Warne felt the same way about Waugh. Can't we all just be friends, guys?


 Cricketers Vacation

Hey, where do you think cricketers go for their vacations? Well, Suresh Raina, an Indian player, traveled to Milan with his girlfriend, and Manoj Tiwari, also an Indian cricketer, was seen vacationing on the beaches of Maldives with his beautiful significant other. Jealous, anyone?

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